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Vox Releases the VX50 Series of Amps

The new line features Nutube technology.

Vox Amps

Melville, NY (September 1, 2017) -- VOX Amplification has elaborated on the popular practice guitar amp series, the VX, by creating the VX50; a three-model lineup of compact, lightweight, high output amps for acoustic guitar, bass and for the first time in VOX history, keyboard. Delivering over 50W of power and equipped with the samehigh-performance tubefound in the MV50 series, Nutube, each amp provides stunning sound quality and rich overtones VOX amps are known for.

The VX50 acoustic guitar amplifier comes equipped with an eight-inch speaker, designed to deliver high frequency sounds and subtle expressions that are vital to capture the acoustic guitar’s tone. For inputs, this amp provides both instrument and mic inputs, the former with a full complement of EQ controls, the latter with phantom power.

Unique to the VX50 line is the addition of a Nutube-powered compact vacuum tube bass amp; the VX50 BA. Its distinctive features include an original eight-inchspeaker, a unique bass reflex structure and a warm vacuum tube sound. Built with a four band EQ, the VX50 BA contains a compressor effect that’s indispensable for bass, and an overdrive effect that provides everything from subtle grit to high gain overdrive.

“The original VX series made for a great, affordable line of practiceamps,” says Brian Piccolo, Director of Guitar Brands at Korg USA. “What makes this extension of the VX lineso enticingis that these amps can be used anywhere –the studio, on stage, or even at home, and still provide a full, powerful tone. We’re also excited for the diversity this line brings, introducing a keyboard amp, a first for VOX,” Piccolo ends.

The new VX50 series will be available in September 2017 for $229.99 each.

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