Wathen Audiophile Introduces 12AX7-WCM to CryoTone Tube Line

The tubes have a much quieter noise floor and less total harmonic distortion in the clean power range.

Dickinson, TX (June 16, 2016) -- Wathen Audiophile introduces its new 12AX7-WCM preamp tube, adding to the company’s successful line of CryoTone tubes.

The new 12AX7-WCM, along with the entire Wathen CryoTone line, employs stringent testing procedures and a proprietary cryogenic process developed by Wathen.

As a result, Wathen CryoTone tubes have a much quieter noise floor than any other tubes, new or old. The quieter tube allows for more balanced operation with much less total harmonic distortion in the clean power range and when driven into distortion on purpose with a guitar amplifier. The results are amazingly complex and musical rather than fuzzy or scratchy.

Wathen Audiophile’s CryoTone line addresses a problem that plagues modern guitarists: most of today’s manufactured tubes lack consistent sound and performance. To provide a solution, Wathen conducted extensive research and developed a relationship with an innovative microwave and x-ray tube development laboratory. The goal was to come up with a testing and burn-in method that would ensure only the highest quality material that operates within closer specifications than available on the market. Wathen used this platform to develop its proprietary cryogenic process.


  • Hand selected tubes with highest test results.
  • Proprietary cryogenic process for each specific tube by material and type, resulting in improved sound quality and longevity.
  • Each Wathen CryoTone tube is etched to ensure authenticity.
  • CryoTone Tubes deliver quieter noise floor and more balance with articulate bass, silky highs and longer life.

$95 MSRP

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