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ZVEX Unveils the Germanium Woolly Mammoth

An updated version of the company's classic fuzz that aims to offer more uncompressed tones.

Minneapolis, MN (July 24, 2018) -- This is not your father's Woolly Mammoth. It is highly uncompressed, very dynamic in its response to an eased-back pick attack, revealing a very pretty kind of distortion that releases overtones reminiscent of a Fender Rhodes or a Wurlitzer keyboard. On bass you can really tell the difference as a result of the larger signal level in the low end. It's pretty delightful and definitely much different from the sort of brick-wall character of the original Woolly. It's mellow with a bit of chirp on the pick attack. You can really extract a nuanced flavor because it has such a dynamic relationship with your fingers. It's an unexpected delight.

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