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1978 Gibson The Paul (Standard)

1978 Gibson The Paul (Standard)

The Paul represent''s Gibson''s late-seventies search for a low-cost, high-quality Les Paul variant.

In 1978 Gibson decided to make a versatile, playable, solid guitar to compete with less expensive Strats and Teles. They didn’t introduce The Paul – a Deluxe and Standard – until 1979, and production ran until 1982. The guitar pictured here is all original, and plays like buttah! It was the 45th guitar made on Oct. 10, 1978 at the Nashville, TN factory. The body is walnut with a natural finish, exposed humbuckers, ebony fretboard and Tune-o-matic bridge/stop tailpiece.

The Paul series of guitars have recently been rediscovered by guitarists looking for a vintage vibe, great tone and playability, but with a gig-friendly price and durability.

Guitar courtesy of Byrn Paul.