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3rd Power Evolves Grab-n-Go Amps the New Dirty Sink 6VEL

3rd Power Evolves Grab-n-Go Amps the New Dirty Sink 6VEL

New 6VEL Equipped Model Expands/enhances British-Plexi Tones with Innovative 4-position Preamp Tube Bias Selector and Advanced Foot-switchable Features

3RD POWER is excited to unveil a new grab-n-go 112combo and amp head to its line of award-winning amplifiers, hand-built in the company'sNashville, Tennessee shop.

The power amp section is based on 3P’s 6VEL circuitry design that allows users to operate the amplifier on their choice of octal-based output tubes such as 6V6, EL34, 6L6, 5881 and more. 6VEL technology allows the user to operate the amplifier on their favorite power tubes and provides back panel access to output tube bias test points as well as a micro-control for fine-tuning the bias to optimal settings. The DIRTY SINK 6VEL is 3RD Power's response to overwhelming customer demand for a British-Plexi voiced amplifier in the grab-n-go format of the company’s Wooly Coats line of amplifiers.

Basic History of Preamp Tube Bias: Legendary Plexi-styled amplifiers of the 1960s/70s typically featured a hotter preamp tube bias to achieve their classic crunch breakup sound. In the 1980s/90s, the demand for more gain and heavier and precision crunch tones found top designers leaning on additional gain stages, cascading gain circuits as well as cold preamp tube bias gain stages to meet these demands.

With 3rd Power’s new and innovative Preamp Bias Selector switch, the DIRTY SINK 6VELdelivers sparkling Plexi-styled cleans, warm bluesy tones as well as heavier/tighter power chords and articulate lead tones The Preamp Bias Selector allows the user to optimize the tube preamplifier’s actual operating bias range via a 4-position rotary switch to control the tone and feel of the tube preamplifier circuitry. Bias Presets include Cld1, Cld2, Wrm1 and Wrm2.

“At 3rd Power, we’re proud to provide musicians, engineers, and producers with our innovative 6VEL and HybridMASTER equipped tube guitar amplifiers,” said Dylana Scott, founder, and designer, at 3RD Power. “With the DIRTY SINK 6VEL, 3rd Power continues to push the envelope of innovative tube amp solutions for today’s music creators and performers.”

Also on board, the DIRTY SINK 6VEL is the company's proprietary HybridMASTER volume control to fine-tune your output to whatever volume level is right for the room.


  • British Plexi voiced multi-stage tube preamplifier
  • Plexi/Cascade preamp switch
  • 4 Position rotary switch Preamp Bias selector
  • Dual tone stack - JTM/JMP tone stack selector
  • Foot-switchable +Gain gain boost
  • Foot-switchable Class-A all-tube FX loop
  • Foot-switchable System Mute for silent tuning/instrument changes
  • Foot-switchable Lead Boost
  • Unique Switching Bus that can assign multiple foot-switchable functions to a single button
  • HybridMASTER patented volume control
  • WGS Retro-30 12” Speaker
  • Hand-Wired, Point-to-point Turret Board Construction, Made in the USA
  • ~20-40 gig-able Watts based on Users Choice of Power Tubes
  • USA Made M6 Grade Steel transformers
  • Switchable chassis-mounted cooling fan
  • 4 Button Pro Foot-switch is included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

All this is packed inside the grab-n-go enclosure format of our popular Wooly Coats Spankyseries of amplifiers (approximately the size of a late 60s Princeton Reverb type amplifier). All 3RD POWER amplifiers are hand-built in the USA and feature point-to-point turret board construction. DIRTY SINK 6VEL head and combos are in production and will begin shipping by March 1, 2023, at introductory prices starting around $3199 for the head version, $3499 for the 112 combos.

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