Acoustic Image Releases the Doubleshot

The combo uses two opposing sidefiring woofers and a single 5-inch midrange driver mounted in an extremely compact enclosure.

Research Triangle Park, NC (June 12, 2019) -- Acoustic Image today announced the launch of Doubleshot, the worlds smallest, lightest 2X10 speaker cabinet, offering natural, omnidirectional, full-range, high-volume sound, for all acoustic instruments, including voice, through two opposing sidefiring woofers and a single 5-inch midrange driver mounted in an extremely compact enclosure with a total weight of just 15 pounds.

The 12-inch-high Doubleshot cabinet will be available on its own (for use with any power amplifier) at a street price of $599 or paired with one of three Acoustic Image Clarus SL heads in combos ranging in price from $1299 to $1449, depending on amplifier features (each includes a high quality backpack-style gigbag). Prices for Doubleshot combos (and new 1X10 Upshot combos) will be reduced by $100 on all sales prior to September 1, 2019.

“Our downfiring/frontfiring Ten2 EX was, until now, the world’s smallest and lightest 2X10 cabinet—and arguably the best,” said Rick Jones, Acoustic Image Founder and Chief Designer. ”The sidefiring Doubleshot is half the size and weight…sounds more open and natural…plays just as loudly…and sells for 20 percent less.”

“Doubleshot’s design takes full advantage of physics to maximize volume and breadth of frequency range, “ Jones added. “What’s more, the 180-degree sidefiring configuration, plus the added frontfiring wave of the midrange driver, result in true omnidirectional sound. The soundstage is huge, giving it a ‘coming from everywhere’ sound.”

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