Montpellier, France (February 14, 2014) -- Two Notes Audio Engineering, manufacturer of the Torpedo range of guitar amp/speaker simulation hardware and software, is now shipping Torpedo Reload, the ultimate guitar and bass tool for studio and live applications, which combines a multiple impedance load box, DI, re-amplifier and signal matching functionality into a single compact unit.

Torpedo Reload flawlessly performs four essential modern studio techniques utilized for capturing great guitar and bass tones: REACT - a reactive load box with 150-Watt capacity and multi-impedance selection, a Hi-Z DI for direct connection of your guitar/bass to a DAW or hardware recorder, as well as REPLAY and MATCH modes, which provide state of the art re-amplifying and level matching capabilities. These functions can be used individually or in any combination.

The first fifty Reload Special Edition units are hand-numbered, and including a complementary full license Wall Of Sound III plug-in. WOS III is the perfect companion for Reload, bringing Torpedo’s renowned convolution-based cabinet/mic simulation to all major DAW platforms.

Torpedo Reload ($995 MSRP, $849 MAP) is now shipping.

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