Round 5

EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master

Hischke: I’m in love with a few products from EarthQuaker Devices, but the Dispatch Master is the one I use the most. It sounds great in a lot of contexts. I don’t use a whole lot of delay or reverb. I mean, I use them, but I don’t build an entire sound around them. The Dispatch Master doesn’t crap out or sound digital. Plus, it’s small and relatively cheap.

“I found the CS-2 just brought everything to life. I’d hit harmonics, and it would sound like Jaco.” —Juan Alderete

Endangered Audio Research Analog Delay AD4096

Alderete: The Endangered Audio Research Analog Delay AD4096 is probably my favorite delay. It doesn’t have the modeling functionality of a lot of the newer delays, but it’s just the best analog delay. The expand button that brings out the feedback is just indispensible. Every time it’s at my feet, I’m inspired to do something with it. A lot of other delays suck up the low end somehow, but this one doesn’t. I just wish he had given it a name [laughs]. I don’t think some of these pedal builders realize how important a name is.