Altamonte Springs, FL (July 13, 2017) -- Adding to the company’s line of handbuilt America amps, ValveTrain is introducing it’s latest creation called the Ghost 211 (pronounced Goes To Eleven!!). The Ghost is a is a single-knob boost pedal that is designed to drive the first stage of a tube amp into a warm harmonic overdrive—similar to turning your amp up to eleven. The Ghost (like any ghost) is intentionally not completely transparent so that it can be used to shape the tone of the saturation. According to Rick Gessner, Head Honcho at ValveTrain, we call it a translucent pedal because we thickened up the sound just a bit so that the saturation is pleasing to the ear. We really feel that this is what Nigel would have wanted... (if we had bothered to ask him). So kind of like thickening Au Jus into Gravy, we thickened up the tone of the drive just a wee bit.

The Ghost 211 will make its’ debut at Summer NAMM in Nashville in booth 960. Street price is $129.99 and will be available for pre-order starting Monday 7/17/2017 at

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