North Hollywood, CA (February 27, 2013) -- A&S has launched their newest line of pro-quality touring gear: SLAM™Racks & Cases. The new SLAM™ products represent the 21st century evolution of the ATA cases that have been the workhorses of the music industry for decades.

Since 1976. A&S has been serving the music industry with road-ready cases and the new SLAM line incorporates the strength characteristics of A&S’s well-respected Kriz-Kraft line.

SLAM highlights include:

  • Both the shock mount racks, which include A&S’s exclusive airack® system, and the non-shock mount racks are designed to improve air flow around the gear they house.
  • All cases are made using European birch plywood that eliminates the need for a laminate on the case’s exterior.
  • The SLAM line eliminates all twist latches.

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