Connecticut, US (June 4, 2013) -- AMBROSONICS, LLC, a high technology music product company, introduces the Pickup Director now available in different models with expandable options. Pickup Director is a programmable and re-configurable pickup switching system with patented optical switching technologies. It’s designed to fit onboard many guitars and basses and runs from a single 9V battery. AMBROSONICS also offers a remote power pack so NO battery is required in the instrument.

The Pickup Director allows pickups to be wired in series, parallel, series/parallel, in-phase or out-of-phase and to blend Piezo pickups as well. The push/pull POT puts you into MENU mode and by turning the pot, auditions the different sounds. Push the POT down and it stores to the 3-Position Bank Select switch provided and your 5-Position Blade Switch or 3-Position Selector in SG/Les Paul guitars. Both models allow for upgrading so you’re not locked in. There are also connections for our Mezzanine Expander boards that allow Hum, Single, Hum configurations, programmable 2 band, 3 band or 4 band EQ and many new surprises to come soon.

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