Scottsdale, AZ (Oct. 4, 2011) — Eric Clapton needs no introduction. It is therefore with great pride that Fender introduces its EC Series guitar amplifiers—the EC Twinolux, EC Tremolux, and EC Vibro-Champ. A signature guitar amp is a first for both Clapton and for Fender, and the three new EC Series tweed tube amps bear not only Clapton’s name, but also his own distinctive design touches.

Each is a specific variation based on three classic Fender tweed tube amps of the 1950s—the ’57 Twin, ’57 Deluxe and the ’57 Champ. Clapton has frequently favored these original amps for specific sounds at various points throughout his amazingly varied career, and the new EC Series amps represent both reverence for his musical legacy and the finest in Fender guitar amp craftsmanship.

All three amps are handmade in the United States, with interesting mods under the hood specified by Clapton himself. These include a ’50s-era output tube bias tremolo circuit (which produces a more throbbing pulse than later Fender tremolo circuits) and a switchable power attenuator that reduces speaker output (and can disable one speaker in EC Twinolux for even lower output).

The 2x12” EC Twinolux, 1x12” EC Tremolux and 1x8” EC Vibro-Champ are single-channel amps with high-gain and low-gain inputs, hand-wired all-tube circuitry on eyelet boards with premium components, custom transformers, and premium tubes and speakers. The EC Tremolux has fixed bias for increased headroom and an internal speaker disconnect that allows use of an external 8-ohm speaker enclosure. The EC Vibro-Champ has an internal speaker disconnect that allows use of an external 4-ohm speaker enclosure, and a footswitch jack for an optional tremolo footswitch.

All three EC Series amps is ruggedly built with a finger-joined solid pine enclosure, and each authentically evokes Fender’s original 1950s golden era with lacquered tweed covering, vintage-style brown/gold grille cloth and a leather strap handle. And in the most outwardly visible personal touch, each amp bears an “EC Series” badge at front lower right and Clapton’s signature on the control panel. Each amp also includes a deluxe fitted cover.

Vibro-Champ MSRP $1,399 (MAP $999)
Tremolux MSRP $2,799.99 (MAP $1,999)
Twinolux MSRP $4,199.99 (MAP $2,999)

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