San Diego, CA (January 16, 2013) -- Towner USA is announcing the official launch of their Down Tension Bar at Winter NAMM 2013. The bar is designed to be used in contribution with the after-market installation of Bigsby Tailpieces to add to the intonation of the guitar setup giving more control over the break angle of the strings.

  • The Towner USA down tension bar mounts in place of of the stop tailpiece on existing studs.
  • The Towner USA down tension bar provides a VST, variable string tension, to control the break angle between the bridge and vibrato tailpiece by adjusting the studs to the desired height. Thus, helping to sustain a better guitar tone.
  • The Towner USA down tension bar alleviates the guitar owner from drilling holes in the body of the guitar, when installing a Bigsby B3, Bigsby B11, Bigsby B30 or Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece.
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