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Album Spotlight: Lloyd Thayer’s ‘North Star’

A graceful, crowning solo statement from a master of acoustic slide.

Lloyd Thayer

North Star

Lloyd Thayer is revered in the New England acoustic music scene and among deep slide guitar devotees for his melodic intelligence, ceaseless invention, graceful composition, and glorious tone. His new album illuminates those qualities in 70 minutes of solo instrumentals played on Dobro, Weissenborn, and Chaturangui—an instrument with 20 to 24 strings designed by Hindustani music giant Debashish Bhattacharya to take the middle ground between a slide guitar and a sitar. Simply put, North Star is an essay in contemplative beauty illuminated by lightning flashes of slide, dissonant surprises, and a radiant warmth that emerges from every note. And while this may sound strange, there’s a sense of humility that extends across the vastness of Thayer’s global-music landscape. —Ted Drozdowski

Must-hear tracks: “The Boss Universal Sutra,” “Last Right Whale”

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Gibson’s Theodore model

PRS Guitars and Ted McCarty family drop “Theodore” trademark objection, and Gibson agrees to drop opposition to PRS’s “594” and “Silver Sky Nebula” trademarks and trademark applications.

PRS Guitars yesterday announced that it has withdrawn its objection to Gibson’s registration of the “Theodore” trademark. In a press release, PRS stated it continues to hold dear and protect its long-standing agreement with Ted McCarty and the McCarty family regarding the exclusive rights to the “McCarty” trademark and to McCarty’s name and persona, first developed directly with Ted himself more than 25 years ago. After a series of private negotiations, Gibson has also agreed to drop its opposition to PRS’s “594” and “Silver Sky Nebula” trademarks and trademark applications.

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