Named after Robert Johnson's wife, the Caletta aims to delivers classic tone and feel in a small-body acoustic.

Tel Aviv, Israel (January 17, 2019) -- B&G Guitars, known for their hand-built vintage-inspired Little Sister electric guitars, has announced the release of their new handcrafted Caletta acoustic guitar, named after Robert Johnson’s wife, Caletta Craft.

“Small pre-war guitars were always the most comfortable for us to play, but at the same time they didn’t deliver the rich and warm sound of larger guitars of the 50s. We wanted to offer the best of both worlds, by making the body a bit bigger and deeper than a Parlor and using ultralight construction. Besides the tone, playability, and beauty of the guitar, the proprietary Caletta neck joint is something we take great pride in,” said Yotam (Kiki) Goldstein, B&G’s master luthier and lead designer of the guitar.

Thanks to their experience in repairing and restoring vintage guitars that are 50 to 120 years old, B&G came up with a neck joint that delivers the tonal benefits of traditional neck joints while ensuring the Caletta will remain stable for generations.

On top of its unique 14 5/8” body size and proprietary neck joint, the B&G Caletta features:

  • Various tone-wood options, including Mahogany, Pau Ferro, Ziricote, and Koa
  • Traditional X-pattern scalloped bracing, hand tuned upon assembly for optimal sound
  • 20-year plus air dried Sitka Spruce or genuine mahogany top
  • 24 ¾’’ scale length with 12’’ radius
  • 19 Frets on a B&G Soft V neck shape
  • Hide glue for superior tonal transfer
  • Gloss or matte nitrocellulose finish

The new Caletta is available for online purchase and via select dealers. Prices range from $2,999 to $4,999 based on options.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
B&G Guitars

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