Bare Knuckle Pickups Introduces the Impulse Humbucker

The Impulse has a neutral and broad-sounding midrange, which acts to enhance the natural voice of the guitar without adding any offensive frequencies.

United Kingdom (February 29, 2016) -- The Impulse signature humbucker has been created with Josh from Australian metalcore band, Northlane. Josh says of the Impulse that it’s: “a finely tuned pickup for the lowest tuned player.”

Impulse has a neutral and broad-sounding mid-range, which acts to enhance the natural voice of the guitar without adding any offensive frequencies. Josh was aware that his low tuning with a large string gauge required some key aspects from a bridge pickup, his setting of choice. Josh and Tim Mills, BKP Founder and MD, knew that Impulse couldn’t be too high output or it wouldn’t be clear enough.

However, at the same time it needed a certain amount of low end compression to hold everything together, with a degree of high end compression to keep higher notes full. Josh says: “The lower register notes had to really pop out and remain clear and still sound thick, while the highs couldn’t be harsh; a balancing act that’s quite hard to achieve on a baritone, especially a 7 or 8”.

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