bnd Products Announces the bnd/One Guitar Stand

It's bendable nature also allows it to easily adjust to fit the unique size of nearly any guitar.

Portland, OR (August 20, 2014) -- At bnd products, we've created a guitar stand that bends.

A guitar stand that bends? Yes. It's a portable guitar stand that can bend to fit wherever you want to put it. Inside a guitar case with your guitar, inside your backpack, or even the back of your amp. It's bendable nature also allows it to easily adjust to fit the unique size of your guitar's width or height (or keytar, or ukulele, or even violin). It even has a neck cradle to keep even the tallest bass guitars from falling out.

The bnd / one is strong, stable, and virtually indestructible, making it the perfect guitar stand for the traveling musician. One guitar stand for all of your guitars.

The Story:
bnd products co-founder, Patrick Triato, was a traveling musician with a band called Bears. He saw how often guitarists would simply not have a guitar stand with them during small gigs simply because of all the other gear they needed to carry. So he sketched a concept in his notebook over two years ago and the rest is history. His business partner, Drew Downie, saw another problem: decline in funding for arts and music in schools. His mother, an art teacher of 25 years, was forced to move schools when her school cut funding for the arts and music.

So they joined forces and began to develop the bnd / one stand as a solution with one mission: supporting great music from the ground up. Not only does the bnd / one solve a true problem, it also gives back. bnd products will donate a percentage of profits each year to organizations that support music education. We aren't just releasing a product, we're standing for great music.


  • Patented Form Factor: the bnd one is the world's first bendable guitar stand on the market. It's new. It's unique. It's patented.
  • Created by product designers: The co-founders, Patrick and Drew, have over 15+ years of product design experience and always put design at the forefront of problem solving. With bnd, it is their chance to bring great design and problem-solving into the music industry.
  • It Solves a Common Problem: As musicians Patrick and Drew witnessed a lack of portability with current stands. So they created a stand that bends to fit just about anywhere, and bend to fit just about any guitar.
  • bnd Supports Music Education: Our mission is to stand for great music, which is why the company will donate a % of profits to music education programs nationwide. Patrick and Drew have personally seen arts education funding drop, so they decided to do something about it.
  • It's rugged + stable: the bnd / one's core is made of industrial strength materials. You won't break it. Trust us.
  • It comes in white, too: because when was the last time you saw a white guitar stand?

The bnd / one is currently available for pre-orders online at MAP price is $65, however pre-orders made before November 2014 will receive a special 25% discount, just for ordering online! Ships by December 2014.

For more information:
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