CE Distribution Releases New JJ E83CC Tubes

A high-quality dual triode tube that claims to rival the NOS version.

Tempe, AZ (October 29, 2019) -- The newly released JJ E83CC tube is in stock and available at CE Distribution. The JJ E83CC is a high-quality dual triode that rivals the NOS version which was originally designed as an audio specific dual triode with very low noise and microphonics.

The JJ E83CC stays true to the original design with its signature thick frame grid and boxed plate. The rigid frame allows for tighter tolerances and closer construction which results in lower noise and increased stability. The JJ E83CC is a great choice for high fidelity amplifiers as well as guitar amps and studio equipment. The ECC83 has the same pinout and amplification factor as a standard 12AX7 and can be used in any 12AX7 or ECC83 position.

Our Guitarist Description: This frame grid tube has an incredibly rich yet balanced tone. The E83CC works well for clean sounds but also breaks up with a satisfying warmth and plenty of articulation.

CE has been supplying music stores, repair shops and OEMs for over twenty years, offering the most extensive variety of products for guitar and guitar amps available. CE Distribution is known for honesty, quality, availability, same-day shipping, and excellent customer service. Whether you are building, repairing electronic gear or reselling parts, CE Distribution is your partner in meeting your needs.

Music stores, repair shops and OEMs can contact CE Distribution visit cedist.com or call at 480-755-4712. Pre-registered wholesale businesses can order directly from CE Distribution; for retail sales, visit Amplified Parts at amplifiedparts.com.

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