The new additions include the Ned Steinberger accessory line with the NS CradleCapo, NS Strap Locks and NS Clip-Free Micro Tuner.

DIY Pedalboard Power Kits

Brooklyn, NY (December 27, 2017) -- D’Addario Accessories is excited to launch brand new additionsto their premium cable offerings -the DIY Pedalboard Power Cable Kit and new Premium Tour-Grade Power Cables.

First, D’Addario offers the ultimate solution for custom wiring the DC cables of your pedalboard, anew addition to our custom cable lineas the DIY Pedalboard Power Cable Kit. D’Addario cable kits are as simple as cutting the included cable to length, placing the power cable into the plug end, and securing the set screw to produce flawless custom-length power cables. This proprietary cable has 3 times the amount of copper over standard cables for superior voltage transfer and reliability, and the plugs configure for straight or right-angle connections. The kit also includes a cable tester to easily check the cables for proper connection before installation.

Making up to 6 cables, the DIY Pedalboard Power Cable Kit (PW-PWRKIT-20) includes 12 Solderless Plugs, 20’ of Power Cable, a screwdriver, a mini cable cutter, and a cable tester -MSRP: $152.00/ MAP: $89.99.

And to help power your amplifiers and effects, the D’Addario Premium Tour-Grade Power Cables are designed and built to take the toughest treatment and performance schedules. Featuring increased copper and robust IEC power cable construction compared to standard power cables, the larger conductor size prohibits any possible current degradation of inferior cables, while the 10ft length allows you to reach most outlets without the need for extension cords or power strips. The Premium Tour-Grade Power Cable + even features an additional auxiliary outlet for not only powering your amplifier, but your pedalboard or other accessories as well.

Lastly, the D’Addario IEC Adaptor saves the day by allowing you to convert any standard extension cord into an IEC power cable. With its compact size, it’s an essential gig bag item.

The adapter and cables are available in NEMA, F, and G plug styles.

  • PW-IECFA-01IEC-F PLUG ADAPTER (Euro)$15.00
  • PW-IECBA-01IEC-NEMA ADAPTER (North America)$11.95
  • PW-IECPF-10IEC TO F PWR CBL PLUS 10FT (Euro)$50.00
  • PW-IECPB-10IEC TO NEMA PWR CBL PLUS 10FT (North America)$60.00
  • PW-IECB-10IEC TO NEMA POWER CABLE 10FT (North America)$49.00

D’Addario Accessories is excited to launch their newlow-cost alternative to strap lockswith the Dual-Lock Strap Lock.

Dual-Lock Strap Lock provides additional instrument protection without need of modificationto your straps. The Dual-Lock clips onto your existing strap button, preventing the strap from releasing accidentally. Additionally, the Dual-Lock can be clipped onto your instrument cable, securing your cable to your instrument to prevent the plug from being pulled unintentionally from the input jack.

The D’Addario Dual-Lock Strap Lock –protecting your instrument and your performance.

Sold in pairs, the Dual-Lock Strap Lock (PW-DLC-01) is $4.75 MSRP / $2.95MAP

D’Addario Accessories is excited to launch brand new additions to the Ned Steinberger accessory line with the NS CradleCapo, NS Strap Locks and new NS Clip-Free Micro Tuner.

Although cradle-style capos are most popular among bluegrass and folk players, any musician can benefit from our new CradleCapo. Quick and easy to position with its stainless steel, self-centering design, this cradle-style capo centers behind the neck of your instrument automatically, assuring horizontal string-pull for perfect tuning and intonation. Its adjustable micrometer lets you dial in the perfect pressure, allowing the freedom for quick transitions while conveniently storing behind the nut when not in use.

The CradleCapo (PW-CP-18) retails MSRP: $99.95 / MAP: $69.99

D’Addario’s Universal Strap Lock gives the certainty and peace of mind that your instrument and strap are firmly locked in place. With tool-free, no-hassle installation, these strap locks make it quick and easy to connect and remove your strap, leaving you free to move about the stage with confidence. Strap buttons are available in black, gold and nickel.


And finally, to add to their competitive line of tuners, the NS Clip-free Micro Tunerfeatures a full-color display and metronome in a housing that blends with the aesthetics of any instrument. For the ultimate indiscrete tuning, the included clip-free mount attaches directly to your instrument’s tuning machine (screws included, no additional holes needed) so your tuner is always at hand and visible only to you.

The NS Clip-free Micro Tuner (PW-CT-21) retails at $34.95 MSRP.

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