ESP Updates Original, USA, and E-II Models

More additions to the ESP E-II Series include the Stream G, a guitar that takes advantage of the great curves of the Stream design.

Anaheim, California (January 12, 2016) -- For musicians who demand the ultimate in premier quality and design, ESP Guitars has introduced new guitar and bass models in their ESP Original, ESP USA, and ESP E-II Series.

“Our premier-level brands of ESP Original, ESP USA, and ESP E-II are made for the highest end of the guitar and bass playing and collecting market,” says Matt Masciandaro, president and CEO of the ESP Guitar Company. “They represent some of the most highly-detailed, luxurious instruments available in the world today.”

All ESP Original guitars are crafted by hand, one at a time, at the ESP Guitars Custom Shop in Tokyo, Japan. The ESP Arrow will be available in the USA this year, offered in a magnificent Black Andromeda finish. The Horizon-I returns to the ESP line in a Deep Candy Apple Red finish, with the new Horizon-II NT being offered in Black and the new Horizon-III available in Pearl White Gold. The M-II CTM is a new version of the classic ESP Mirage in Black finish. Another model available in the USA for the first time, the ESP Snapper is a high-performance take on a classic look, and is being offered in exciting finishes and feature sets with the Snapper AL (Brass Red), the Snapper AS (Burner), the Snapper AL FR (Ice White), the Snapper CTM (Aqua Marine), and the Snapper CTM24 FR (See Thru Black). Also, the exciting ESP Stream GT is new to the USA, and is being made in three versions: the Stream GT CTM (Antique Sunburst), the Stream GT Classic (Supreme Blue), and the Stream GT STD (Titan Metal).

The ESP USA Series are made at ESP’s USA factory in North Hollywood, CA. Available in 2016, the USA M-II NTB is a neck-thru-body design in Sapphire Black, Pearl White, and Cobalt Blue finishes, with high- end components like EMG Metalworks 81/85-X pickups. New finishes and design changes for other ESP USA models include the USA M-III (Purple Sunburst finish), the USA Eclipse (Emerald Green Sunburst with quilted maple top), and the USA Horizon-II (Amber Cherry Sunburst with flamed maple top).

ESP E-II are guitars and basses made in ESP’s exclusive Tokyo factory, and replaced the former “ESP Standard” series in 2014. For 2016, ESP has debuted the E-II Arrow-7, a seven-string version of the exciting Arrow design. The E-II Arrow is now also being offered in a Snow White finish in addition to Black. The E-II EC-BB has great-looking thick silver painted binding on its Black Satin finish, and the new E-II EX-NT is a powerful new guitar that uses the EX shape. The new Horizon FR-II and Horizon NT-II join the E-II Series with quilted maple tops in amazing See Thru Black Sunburst and Tiger Eye Sunburst finishes. As its name implies, the new E-II M-II Neck Thru offers a neck-thru-body design and is available in Black and Urban Camo finishes. The E-II M-II Seven and MR Seven are also new additions to this high-performance guitar series.

More additions to the ESP E-II Series include the Stream G, a guitar that takes advantage of the great curves of the Stream design. Also available for 2016, there’s a new Tea Sunburst finish for the E-II ST-1.

Three other new ESP E-II models are being debuted as a direct result of the popular demand of ESP customers. The E-II SV is being offered in White and Black finishes with contrasting striping. This guitar features an alder body, a 24-fret ebony fingerboard, binding on the neck and headstock, dual EMG 81 pickups, and an Original Floyd Rose tremolo. The E-II V-II STD is a V-shaped guitar with high-end appointments like its ebony fingerboard, an EMG 81/85 pickup set, and a TonePros Tuneomatic bridge. Finally, the E-II Viper Baritone offers a 27" scale with set-thru construction, a 24-fret ebony fingerboard, and an EMG 81/85 pickup set, and comes in a great-looking Charcoal Metallic Satin finish.

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