EurekaSound Announces eurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount

Installation requires no soldering or modification to the guitar

Pittsburgh, PA (August 29, 2014) -- EurekaSound LLC is proud to announce the release of the eurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount, an incredibly easy and affordable way for a musician to put a magnetic pickup into their acoustic guitar. Available in both black and white 3D printed plastic, theeurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount holds any Strat-sized pickup, fits into a standard 4" sized acoustic guitar sound hole, and includes both a volume control and a 1/4" jack that slides onto the guitar endpin for strain relief. And just like a pickup in an electric guitar, you can adjust the pickup height via the pickup height screws. Installation requires no soldering or modification to the guitar—just slide it in, plug in a 1/4" cable and start playing.

"Until now acoustic guitar players could choose between a few dozen acoustic pickups. The eurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount literally adds several hundred more pickup options for guitarists" said Dave Graham, co-founder of EurekaSound. "Any Strat-sized pickup, both single-coil & humbucker, are now are super easy to put in your acoustic."

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