The new pickups are available in either single or neck voices and aims to cop the tone of Inez's Moon bass.

Boston, MA (January 30, 2020) -- Fishman has created the Fluence Legacy series to allow iconic artists to recreate the quintessential sounds that helped propel their classic live and recorded performances. Commenting on the new series, Fluence brand manager Ken Susi states, “There are many single-voice pickups that come close to revisiting the sounds we love on classic albums. But only Fluence Multi Voice technology can perfectly deliver multiple classic, career-defining voices in a single pickup or set.”

Mike Inez’s main instrument is known as the Moon bass, given to him by Ozzy Osborne and as he puts it, “… it has magic pickups that I have unsuccessfully been trying to replicate forever…until now. With Fluence, it’s nailed.” This bass has been on countless successful gold and multi-platinum albums with a long list of artists and producers confirming its special sound. Susi continues, “With Fluence technology, we were able to reproduce that sound, and more, to Mike’s satisfaction, enabling him to keep touring and recording with those classic tones, while using basses that aren’t priceless rock and roll relics.”

Like all Fishman Fluence pickups, the Mike Inez Legacy pickup set is Multi Voice and free from the hum, noise and frustrating inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups. It is designed to appeal to rock, metal and jazz players, looking for their own bit of “magic,” and is a retro-fit replacement for most 4 and 5-string soapbar equipped basses.

Available in Single or Neck voices in a set (soapbar format) include: Voice 1, an exact sonic copy of Mike’s Moon bass––from Alice to Ozzy––this is the tone; and Voice 2, Mike’s warm, vintage tones (Passive). Bridge voices include Voice 1 (Passive), Classic, fat and round; and Voice 2, full frequency, full dynamics and Voice 2 (Active with mid contour), Funk, Hi-Fi scooped Single Coil Mode.

The Mike Inez Fluence Legacy pickup is available for 4 or 5-string instruments, as a single pickup or in a set with a standard Fluence soapbar bass.

MSRP for Mike Inez Legacy Series Pickups (4 and 5-string) is $350.58 (sets) and $185.04 (single).

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

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