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Framus Guitars and Warwick Basses Announce New Flight Cases

Framus and Warwick have redesigned their flight cases.

Germany (June 5, 2013) -- Beautiful, first-class instruments deserve first-class protection without compromises. As a result, we at Framus & Warwick have not only refined our flight cases for all "Made in Germany" instruments, but also redesigned them for an even more elegant look. Furthermore, they are now even more durable and secure. Our new cases come with aluminum angles, chrome-plated ball corners, three rugged hinges and two powerful butterfly locks. Naturally, they are also crafted from components free from formaldehydes and other toxic substances.

The inside of the case is padded with a flexible and soft layer of plush fabric with a beautiful shade of silver gray, which provides a perfect rest and optimal protection for the instrument. Two thick foam pads for the body and a thick and robust rest for the neck which are also padded with plush fabric, provide additional support.

An attractive red velvet cloth with an embroidered Warwick logo - which further highlights the beauty of the instrument resting in the case - is also included. It can also be used to cover and protect the instrument during transport.

Furthermore, all German-made instruments ship with a user kit included in the flight case, as well as a certificate of authenticity signed by company founder and owner Hans-Peter Wilfer. All custom shop instruments manufactured in our Markneukirchen factory also come with a custom shop certificate with an autograph signature.

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