Naval Brass has all of the tonal qualities of brass which increases sustain, clarity, definition, and warmth.

Washington Crossing, PA (November 2, 2017) -- introduces new hardware upgrades to their Saddle Insert line.

Stock steel saddles constantly fail by cracking, expanding (and getting stuck!), corroding and just don’t sound good. Naval Brass has all of the tonal qualities of brass which increases sustain, clarity, definition and warmth. Naval Brass will not expand or crack in your saddle. continues to bring you to new heights in chasing YOUR ultimate tone!

Retail Prices for Titanium and Naval Brass Saddle Inserts:

  • Titanium 6-String Set - $45.95
  • Titanium 7-String Set - $52.95
  • Naval Brass 6-String Set - $45.95
  • Naval Brass 7-String Set - $52.95

Watch the company's video demo:

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