Here's a taste of the gear we came across during the first day of Summer NAMM, with tone toys from Fender, Seymour Duncan, Bullhead Amplification, and more.

Sonic Farm Audio 1200-watt Class D Tantra Bass Head

Sonic Farm Audio came to NAMM with its new 1200-watt class D Tantra bass head ($2,799 street), which features a truly stunning array of tweakable features, from parametric EQ to built-in studio-quality compression, effects loop, DI, overdrive, mute, and more. Paired with collaborator Michael Arnopol Soundworks' proprietary cabinet technology ($999), which features unique internal porting and eight drivers—four 6.5" speakers, three 3.5" tweeters, and a horn—the Tantra sounds warm and massive, yet alive with detailed nuance.