More kick-ass live shots from the star-studded homage to Jimi.

As expected, the stage was awash with Fender Strats, however Jonny Lang was the lone Tele warrior during the strat-filled show at the Fox Theater in Detroit on April 3, 2014. He also brought out a Martin acoustic for some songs.

We bring you a second look at the Experience Hendrix Tour, which launched in Dallas on March 11, 2014, and wrapped up in Minneapolis on April 8. Why part two, you ask? Well, we answer that question with another question: Can a guitar player ever have too much Hendrix? Here’s a look at what went down at Detroit’s Fox Theater on April 3, 2014. Our sources report that it was an inspiring display of loud guitar and drums: A celebration of an icon for the ages.

Taylor AD27e Demo | First Look

A creatively executed all solid-maple dread' sings with sweet sustain and in mellow moods.

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Master builder Dennis Galuszka recreates the legendary "Chicago" guitarist's legacy with a collectible, limited run guitar.

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