See what PG readers are stomping on!

"Jonno Wilson's current pedalboard is mainly use for church, as well as creating soundscapes, and, ""pretty much any style I feel like mucking about with in my home studio."" The board is a Pedaltrain Pro powered by a Cioks DC10. The signal chain is a Boss TU-2 Tuner, Rothwell Audio Love Squeeze compressor, Fulltone MDV-2 Mini DejaVibe, Morley Mark Tremonti Wah, Catalinbread Galileo overdrive/treble boost, Creation Audio Labs MK 4.23 boost, Ernie Ball Volume, MXR EVH Phase 90, Cusack Tap-A-Whirl, Retro-Sonic Chorus, Strymon Lex, Eventide PitchFactor (not currently patched in), Eventide TimeFactor, and Eventide Space. The blue stomp in the middle is a JHV3 Master Tap Pro 1:3 out tap tempo feeding the TimeFactor and the Tap-A-Whirl, the red three-footswitch pedal is a JHV3 3-Aux switch to use with the PitchFactor. He says, ""Patch leads are rubbish and next on my list to upgrade. Considering changing all this to a pedalboard switching system using Musicom Lab EFX MkIII for the brain, or a full blown RJM Music Effect Gizmo/Mastermind GT system...hmmmm GAS anyone?"""