A look at pedalboards used onstage by Deftones, Alice in Chains, Dave Matthews Band, 311, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, and many more

"Known as an old-school, rebel-rousing, country singer-songwriter carrying the torch of his famous lineage, Hank 3 dives into hard rock and sludgy metal on a nightly basis with his band Assjack. His shows consist of a three-part setlist that starts country, goes into psychobilly, and end up with fall-on heavy metal and hardcore aggression. For the heavy songs, Hank 3 leans heavy on his pedalboard that includes an original EHX POG, a Dunlop Crybaby wah, a DOD FX25B Envelope Filter, an original Pro Co Turbo Rat, a Countryman Type 85 Direct Box, and a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner. During soundcheck, he was messing around with an original Jen Jumbo Fuzz coaxing Sabbath meets Sleep tones with his Guild Nightbird. He plans on going deep into the blown-speaker, overdriven-fuzz world with some upcoming metal projects in 2011. "

photos by Chris Kies