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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - #1 Guitars

In our inaugural Show Us Your Gear Gallery, we feature the go-to instruments of our readers.

Mark Hopkins Handmade Guitar
"I built this guitar myself over a couple of years. It has a solid cherry top (slightly carved), solid sapele mahogany back that has been hollowed out (centerblock only contacts the top in the bridge area), and 5-piece mahogany neck with rosewood board. The finish is nitro lacquer on top and Tung Oil on the back. It also has a graphite nut, cream binding, two Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P-90s, a Gotoh 510 bridge, and Grover locking tuners. I used custom treble bleed volume and no-load tone circuits to brighten the tone as you roll back the volume, giving more shimmery single-coil tones with the volume cut. - Mark Hopkins"