Get close-up looks at new tone toys from Walrus, Eventide, Collings, Mythos, Orange, and more.


TriceraChorus—a prehistoric-sounding name for a modern algorithm at NAMM inspired by the classic tri-choruses and stomp choruses of the ’70s and early ’80s that pairs with Eventide’s cornucopia of effects, the H9. The original devices used bucket brigade delay chips to create chorusing. Dedicated LFOs modulate the delay on the TriceraChorus' three voicings—left, center, and right—and Eventide's MicroPitch detuning can be used to thicken the sound, add static chorusing or spread the stereo field. It's got a lotta presets when can all be tweaked with the pad-friendly interface. It's a free update for the H9 or it can be snagged for a mere $20. Eventide also unveiled a special, limited Dark edition of the H9.