J Mascis' tech Graham Clise uses Plexis—Marshall and Dan Armstrong—to channel Rory Gallagher, Chuck Berry, and Robin Trower.

Many die-hard disciples of J Mascis are, by proxy, familiar with psych-punk quartet Lecherous Gaze, since guitarist Graham Clise happens to be the guitar tech for Dinosaur Jr. But Clise has also played with Mascis in the bands Sweet Apple and Witch. And though both Mascis and Clise share an affinity for turning it up to 11, the latter has a love for all things Plexi. His weapons of choice are a clear 1969 Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexi guitar and twin Marshall-plexi-driven stacks, and his playing is rife with beefed-up nods to Robin Trower and Mahogany Rush’s Frank Marino.

Fans of Lecherous Gaze’s 2012 debut album, On the Skids, have been waiting in rabid anticipation for this year’s Zeta Reticuli Blues. So far the only preview of the release is a single entitled Animal Brain. The A-side opens with Clise channeling Rory Gallagher channeling Chuck Berry. Following a steroidal “Johnny B. Goode” riff, the song detonates into a sonic sucker-punch that boogies like it was recorded by rockabillies on crack. Frontman Zarian Zaidi’s GG Allin-inspired vocal performance helps keep things wonderfully creepy.

Clise’s own originality as a fretboard shredder comes to life in the B-Side “On the Skids,” a title-track that somehow never made it onto the band’s first album. With a frenzied swirl of muscled riffs, searing leads, and filthy distortion, Clise’s playing here is like the grand finale of a fireworks display in Beirut. lecherousgaze.com

<a href="http://lecherousgaze.bandcamp.com/album/animal-brain-7" _cke_saved_href="http://lecherousgaze.bandcamp.com/album/animal-brain-7">Animal Brain 7" by Lecherous Gaze</a>

The 4-day event will feature clinics and performances hosted by guitar stars Tosin Abasi, Guthrie Trapp, Brent Mason, Mark Lettieri, Greg Koch, and more.

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Here’s a different way to unleash the beast within your tracks.

Welcome to another Dojo. Last month I explained in detail how to set up and use sidechain compression techniques to get that classic pop/EDM pumping sound on your rhythm guitar parts and other instruments in your mix. This time, we’ll use the same setup techniques but, instead of sidechaining a compressor, I’m going to show you the benefits of using a gate.

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