Check out the digital stomps, profiling amps, and modern pickups the U.K. metalcore warriors use to ignite mosh pits across the globe.

During this U.S. run of dates, Architects’ second guitarist Josh Middleton stayed back in the U.K. to welcome his first child into the world, so his tech Martyn Evans filled in using Josh’s gear. Above is Josh’s main F# machine—an ESP LTD MH-401B FM that is completely stock aside from the Fishman Fluence Modern pickups. Like Adam’s guitars, Josh/Martyn use custom-gauged sets of D’Addario. For F# they use .011–.015–.019–.032–.044–.072, for G# guitars they go with a .070 on the 6th string, and for C# guitars they use a .060. (Josh became the band’s full-time replacement in 2017 following the untimely death of cofounding guitarist Tom Searle in 2016.)

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D'Addario DIY Solderless Power Cable Kit:

Fitted and non-fitted risers and frames designed to work with popular effects pedals and pedalboards.

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Though not the first, the Charlie Christian pickup was at the vanguard of the shift to electric guitars.

It’s easy to gripe about change, but us guitarists have always had to embrace new technology.

California has always been the place of dreams for young Americans: Hollywood, surf music, pop music, psychedelia, hot rods, biker culture, and glam metal. The Golden State’s only real pop-culture competition has traditionally been New York City, and we know that the beaches and forests are better on the Pacific side. Recently, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order requiring that, starting in 2035, all new passenger cars and light trucks sold in the state must be zero-emissions vehicles. Once again, Cali leads by example, and what once was unthinkable becomes reality. Strangely, this EV revolution reminds me of the emergence of the electric guitar.

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