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The self-proclaimed “midrange mattress” makes a post-rock bed with an “Excalibur” Jazzmaster and some up-the-sleeve Strymon settings.

caspian phil jamieson rr4

“If I find something and I like it, I stick with it until I beat the crap out of it and it dies [laughs],” says Jamieson. That’s the case for this Fender Twin Reverb reissue that’s been gutted and essentially is a bulky head. He admits he could condense the amp circuit into a head shell for ease of transport, but he loves the wall of Twin Reverbs that flanks the band during shows. The black-panel reissue goes through a Marshall 1960 4x12 that has its original speakers and tattered-and-torn grille clothe. “I like the battle scars on the cabinet—I can remember who did it, where it happened, what the place smelled like, and how good (or bad) the gig was. I like being reminded of all that.”

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