The moody goth-folk songstress and her 6-string compatriot Evan Patterson detail the off-kilter double-cuts, dual-amp configurations, and reverb-dripping boards that give life to their jangly, ambient washes and doomy, crashing crescendos.

From her days in the post-rock instrumental band Red Sparowes and the psych-metal outfit Marriages, Emma Ruth Rundle has been an ardent user of SGs for their light stature and hearty tones. However, when Guild brought back the T-Bird ST in 2017 one of their employees close to the resurrection felt the guitar would be perfect for Rundle and she’s been using it ever since because of the neck’s flatter radius and she digs the darker-sounding humbuckers (LB-1) that still have a balanced, high-end clarity. She has named the T-Bird “The Cloud”—the only one in her collection with such a designation—and the guitar bounces around various opening tunings that typically start in DADGAD.

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