One of metalcore’s biggest bands allows PG to check out their signature instruments and the minimal gear they use to punish crowds on a nightly basis.


Dutkiewicz’s backup is a 2016 Caparison TAT Special FX that also features vintage-style frets, but comes with a Fishman Fluence Modern humbucker in the bridge and a Fishman Fluence Strat-style pickup in the neck. (Adam doesn’t use the neck pickup during live shows.) Tech Mikey Flynn of M. Flynn Guitar Works modified both guitars further by moving the original sleeve-type output jacks below the butt-end of the strap buttons. These holes were plugged with mahogany and refinished. Each guitar now employs an LP-style side jack—a Switchcraft USA stereo jack. This mod was done to prevent sweat from pooling in the output jack and control cavity. The bottom of the pickups have open circuit boards, so they were sealed over with epoxy to prevent sweat from entering. The tuners were upgraded to locking Sperzels.


It's time for everyone's favorite giveaway, STOMPBOXTOBER! Enter here for your chance to win the just announced PRS Mary Cries Optical Compressor! Come back tomorrow for another chance to win.

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With its powerful speaker and long-lasting lithium battery, the Nomad is the ideal solution for portable premium tone.

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A line of stompboxes designed by PRS.

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