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Rig Rundown: The Afghan Whigs

The alt-rock pioneers show us the killer screen-printed Mesa/Boogies and piles of pedals they use to dish out both ethereal and rough-and-tumble tones.

Skibic changes pedals depending on room. Typically, his signal runs from his guitar to a Red Sun FX White Fuzz, then an Origin Effects SlideRIG compact deluxe, a CAE MC404 Wah, a Robert Keeley Super Phat Mod overdrive, a Lehle D. Loop SGOS with Electo-Harmonix Superego and Empress Tremolo 2 in the loop, a Lehle Mono Volume pedal, (Lehle’s tuner out to MXR Talk Box into TC Electronics PolyTune. The Lehle’s output hits a Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork with EHX Dual Expression pedal, a Robert Keeley Dyno My Roto, a T-Rex Mollar overdrive, a Red Panda Particle, a Hudson Electonics UK Sidecar overdrive, a Mr. Black Gold Eterna, an Alexander Pedals SkyFi, and an Electo-Harmonix Canyon with MXR Tap. All is powered by two Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 units and everything lives on two Pedaltrain boards. The last of his effects, Skibic uses an EBow on some songs, and a Lehle mono volume tuner out to MXR TalkBox into TC Polytune2.

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