Explore the three keys that propel the band’s prog-rock orbit: custom axes, pedal-platform tube amps, and stompboxes strengthened with modeling tech from Line 6.

Already embracing 3D CAD for guitar design, it makes complete sense that Casey Crescenzo has converted to the digital effects realm. (At least onstage.) He sings complex lyrics over sophisticated music, and while still loving traditional pedals, he needed to reduce the nightly tap dancing and troubleshooting headaches an old-school pedalboard can give touring musicians. (He admits in the video he’s been stashing up synths, delays, reverbs, and fuzzes for the next record.) He’s embraced the modeling technology by mainly using a Line 6 Helix with a few choice stomps—a Strymon TimeLine, EarthQuaker Devices Dunes, and a Quiet Theory Prelude.

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