Two new additions to their successful bass string line.

Battle Creek, MI (March 19, 2015) -- Building on their highly successful bass string range, GHS Strings is proud to unveil the Round Core Bass Boomers and Crossovers sets.

Offering full-frequency sound, well-balanced low mids, and clear, soft high end, the Round Core Bass Boomers provide a different harmonic content for all bass players. Their round core gives improved definition when played through an amp, making them sing on the stage, in the studio, or at rehearsal. Available in sets of four, five, or six strings, Round Core Bass Boomers are also slightly longer than standard strings at 37.25 inches. These strings have been road tested by the GHS Artist Family, including Mark Damon (The Pretty Reckless) and Aden Bubeck (Miranda Lambert’s band).

Another exciting addition to the GHS range are the Crossovers bass string sets, which are designed specifically for the NS Design NXT and CR series of electric upright basses. They feature a nickel-and-iron alloy that has been wound over a round core and then micro-ground to give the strings a deep and focused fundamental tone. Designed with direction and guidance from Mark Gollihur (Gollihur Music / Din Within), who found that the new GHS Crossovers “cozied up nicely between the two NS electric options ... providing nice definition and some edge without being too ‘zingy.’” Session bassist Bob Potsic added, “they have a deeper thump, when played pizzicato, that is still tight, with a clean attack … they sing beautifully.” Suitable for bowing, these new bass strings are available as 4- and 5-string sets.

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