As part of their new role with Gibson, The B.B. King Family Trust is developing new products with Gibson.

Nashville, TN (November 30, 2018) -- Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, is proud to announce B.B. King as a "Gibson Legacy Artist" and has launched a new, Alpine White Limited Edition “Lucille” ES. Throughout his 65 years of playing Gibson guitars, B.B. King embodied Gibson’s values of quality, prestige and innovation and brought the indelible sound and style of Gibson guitars to new heights of popularity and recognition worldwide.

“Throughout musical history, there has never been a guitar associated with one musician quite like blues legend B.B. King and his beloved Lucille,” said Cesar Gueikian, Chief Merchant Officer of Gibson. “Gibson is proud to partner with the B.B. King Family Trust to bring this special limited edition of the iconic ‘Lucille’ to guitar players and fans. Today we are building on our legacy of craftsmanship and innovation as Gibson continues to shape the sounds of generations for years to come.”

As part of their new role with Gibson, The B.B. King Family Trust is developing new products with Gibson beginning with this new edition of “Lucille.”

“The B.B. King Family Trust is honored that Gibson has named B.B. King a ‘Gibson Legacy Artist,’” said Phil Sandhaus, Manager of The B.B. King Family Trust. "We celebrate both B.B. King’s and Gibson’s enduring legacies with the release of this new, limited edition of his legendary ‘Lucille,’ as we welcome the next generation of guitar players and music fans, worldwide.”

While King played many different guitars throughout the early part of his career, the “King of the Blues” played a varied mix of Gibson guitars since the late 1940s, including the ES-175, ES-330, ES-335 and ES-345. In the early 1960’s he made the Gibson ES-355 semi-hollow body guitar his trademark instrument, usually stuffing the sound holes to eliminate any chance of feedback.

In 1980, King joined the Gibson family as a Signature Artist, and played a custom-built ebony ES-355 for the rest of his life. Today’s B.B. King “Lucille” guitars continue his rich musical legacy and are made to the exact specifications chosen by B.B. King himself.

Now, the legendary Gibson B.B. King “Lucille” returns to the ES lineup dressed in Alpine White. Highlights include a custom B.B. King “signature” engraved bridge pickup cover, brass “Lucille” engraved truss rod cover, and “Crown” Mother of Pearl headstock inlay. Staying true to B.B. King’s original specs and tone, players will find a Stereo Varitone paired to Gibson 490R and 490T Humbucking pickups. The TP-6 Fine Tune Tailpiece, Mother of Pearl Full Block inlay fingerboard, and semi-hollow body design are all iconic in their own right, just like the King.

Created by our world-class craftsmen, The Gibson Signature Series of guitars are built to embody each artist’s unique musical identity through a combination of wish-list specs and design elements that help to express his or her image and distinctive playing preferences. The Gibson Signature guitar is an extension of the artist’s legacy and stands as a representation of their achievement in music while providing a personalized connection point for fans.

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