GMF Music Announces the AT-1 Acoustic Transducer Pickup

Designed to pick up vibrations from any acoustic soundboard.

West Des Moines, IA (August 5, 2016) -- Adding to the company’s line of acoustic products, GMF unveils the new AT-1 acoustic transducer pickup. The AT-1 is a high quality, easy to use and affordable “stick on” pickup.

Designed to pick up vibrations from any acoustic soundboard be it on a classical guitar, violin, harp, or even a piano. The AT-1 can be used as the sole pickup or to augment built-in pickup systems. All musicians would benefit from having one or more of these stick-on pickups as they your on board system decides to die.

AT-1 highlights include:

  • Instant-mount (no tools required)
  • Crisp and clear tone
  • Great for strumming and delicate fingerstyle playing
  • (2) cable options - studio-quality 10' cable with 1⁄4” plug or 2’ cable with strap pin jack.
  • Works with any guitar amplifier (acoustic or electric), or plugged directly into P.A. systems or mixing consoles

Suggested retail price is $69.00 with an average street price of $39.00.

For more information:
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