GoGo Tuners Introduces the DropSpot

A rechargeable power supply that's portable and can dish out up to 700mA.

Camarillo, CA (February 14, 2018) -- GoGo Tuners announces the release of their Drop Spot USB rechargeable 9V Lithium battery power supply for guitar players and musicians. The new GoGo Tuners USB Rechargeable Lithium power supply is a portable, rechargable, 9V, 700ma Lithium Battery-based power supply capable of powering multiple pedals, pedalboards, and high current draw guitar effects. The GoGoTuners slogan, "Green you're In and Red you're out" provides a compelling visual as the indicator lights go from Green (Full Power) to Red (No Power) These features let you know how much power you have remaining on your power supply.

Its a perfect compliment to the GoGo Pedal Tuners and all Pedalboards. You never have to worry if your battery will die in the middle of a gig. The perfect solution to simply plug and play! No more annoying noise, hum, and interference problems that can occur from dirty power, AC line-fed power sources, overseas currents, or outdoor gigs. The Drop Spot can be charged to full power in only three hours from your computer, car charger, or the typical USB wall mount. In addition to online ordering from www.gogotuners.com, the Drop Spot USB Lithium Rechargeable Power supply will be available in music retailers across the country and worldwide by March 2018.

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The Big 5 Kurt Ballou

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Diatonic sequences are powerful tools. Here’s how to use them wisely.



• Understand how to map out the neck in seven positions.
• Learn to combine legato and picking to create long phrases.
• Develop a smooth attack—even at high speeds.

{u'media': u'[rebelmouse-document-pdf 13574 site_id=20368559 original_filename="7Shred-Jan22.pdf"]', u'file_original_url': u'https://roar-assets-auto.rbl.ms/documents/13574/7Shred-Jan22.pdf', u'type': u'pdf', u'id': 13574, u'media_html': u'7Shred-Jan22.pdf'}
Knowing how to function in different keys is crucial to improvising in any context. One path to fretboard mastery is learning how to move through positions across the neck. Even something as simple as a three-note-per-string major scale can offer loads of options when it’s time to step up and rip. I’m going to outline seven technical sequences, each one focusing on a position of a diatonic major scale. This should provide a fun workout for the fingers and hopefully inspire a few licks of your own.
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