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Graph Tech Unveils Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System

Graph Tech Unveils Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System

These newly-patented plates were invented for guitarists and repair shops to expedite and simplify the installation of machine heads.

Canada (March 15, 2015) -- Graph Tech Guitar Labs has been awarded a U.S. patent (US 9240166 B1) for its Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System, which was designed to simplify and perfect machine head replacements for guitarists and repair shops around the world. When founder Dave Dunwoodie was working on the newest design of their patented Ratio Balance Geared Machine Heads, two things became very apparent: One, many guitarists wanted to upgrade their machine heads. Two, for guitarists that had already attempted the upgrade, the number 1 complaint was having to drill new holes for the screws, leave the old holes exposed, or try to fill them in.

“I could immediately relate… I really wanted to change my machine heads on my 1970 Les Paul Artisan for years, but there was no way I was going to drill new holes in the headstock to do that. So we thought, what would we want, what would it look like? It’s got to be easy, and it has to look like it was made for the guitar. We achieved both with the Inviso-Match System.” stated Dave as he told the Inviso-Match story.

Available in locking, non-locking and acoustic, each set of Ratio Balance Geared Machine Heads come with four free sets of brushed aluminum adapter plates that will match perfectly with most mounting screw configurations. Premium Chrome, Gold, Nickel and Black plates are also available at a small charge. Simply use the plates that match the existing machine head mounting design, screw the plate down using the existing screw hole, clip the Ratio Machine Head on, and then tighten down the grommet on the opposite side. Done and perfectly aligned!

Since its release, Ratio Machine Heads have created a paradigm shift in the standard of tuning, being picked up by manufacturers such as Godin, Framus, Hagstrom, Italia, Martin, and Rainsong. With its patented balanced gear technology, the calibrated gear ratios vary from 14:1 to 39:1. Which means each machine head is calibrated to the string, so every string has the same feel and high-precision tuning. Tuning gets quicker, more precise and intuitive, allowing the user to concentrate on playing.

MSRP per set: $5.95 (Brushed Aluminum), $9.95 (Chrome, Black, Nickel), $18.95 (Gold)

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