This souped-up Brian Setzer tribute Gretsch features his signature modifications

For some players, nothing says “hot rod” like a souped-up Gretsch, tweaked for looks and revving to full throttle, just like a hot-rodded ’57 Chevy.

This G6120SSC Brian Setzer Tribute comes to us from Fuller’s Vintage Guitar. One of only 59 being made, it is a replica of the hot-rodded ’59 Gretsch 6120 that Setzer used on his early Stray Cats albums, and still uses on tour today. This cat is Trestle-braced and almost all maple (back, sides, top, neck) with an ebony fretboard (9.45” radius) and 22 frets. It has a 24.6” scale length, with a 1-11/16” width at the nut. It has Schaller machine heads, a “chop shop” pickguard and a bent output jack. Two TV Jones Classic Pickups are controlled by a 3-way pickup selector and three volume knobs (individuals and master).

The Bigsby is a B6CB and the Space Control bridge is custom fortified with double-sticky carpet tape. The empty hole by the pickup selector is where a tone knob is supposed to be. In addition to exact replicas of the skull, black cat and “Lucky Lady” stickers on Setzer’s original, the guitar also features two dice for pickup volume knobs—not just any dice, but Monopoly dice. These guitars have been selling for around $25,000.

A faithful recreation of the Germanium Mosrite Fuzzrite with a modern twist.

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