Hilbish Design Introduces the Pessimiser

A new collaboration with the Melvins' frontman, King Buzzo.

Lynchburg, VA (February 25, 2020) -- In conjunction with Melvins' frontman and guitarist, King Buzzo, Hilbish Design adds the Pessimiser Distortion to its high quality line of amplifiers and effects - unleashing a bit a the Melvins tone mayhem onto the world!

Designed to capture classic Melvins guitar tones spanning King Buzzo’s entire career the Pessimiser is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of a pedal. Not only does it excel at great distortion tones, with its clean blend it can be used a treble, mid, or bass boost, overdrive, or with the drive knob cranked approach fuzz levels!

The folded 14 gauge powder coated steel enclosure was designed to survive just about anything you can through at it and with exclusive artwork by graphic designer Mackie Osborne the pedal stands out on stage.


  • Blast - Volume Control
  • Mix - Blend Between Clean & Distorted Tone
  • Boost - Gain Control
  • Low - Bass Boost/Cut
  • Med - Middle Boost/Cut
  • High AF - Treble Boost/Cut
  • Soft touch Footswitch with Relay True Bypass
  • 9V 100mA standard power supply input

The Pessimiser is available for $225. They can be purchased at select retailed and directly from Hilbish Design.

For more information:
Hilbish Design

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