This mic/preamp/processing system is both easy-to-install and easy on the wallet, and was designed to serve up rich and full acoustic tones onstage and in the studio.

IK Multimedia

Modena, Italy (January 18, 2017) -- IK Multimedia is proud to announce iRig Acoustic Stage—the first advanced microphone, preamp, and digital-processor system that provides an exceptional, true acoustic tone, anywhere. iRig Acoustic Stage combines an advanced MEMS microphone that clips on to the soundhole of an acoustic instrument with a preamp and DSP unit that captures all the tone, vibe, and "air" of the instrument when playing live or recording in home and project studios.

The synergy between its components and the advanced signal processing makes iRig Acoustic Stage a revolutionary solution for accurately reproducing—and improving—the sound of all types of acoustic guitars and other instruments, in any situation, with studio-grade performance, advanced features, ease of installation, and a convenience never seen before in any competing product.

Onstage or in the studio, iRig Acoustic Stage delivers

iRig Acoustic Stage's patented system makes any acoustic guitar or other acoustic instruments like ukulele, acoustic bass, bouzouki, mandolin, etc., sound exactly as if they were captured with a classic recording studio setup, providing a full and rich studio-quality sound onstage and in the studio.

Players simply clip the iRig Acoustic Stage's microphone to the soundhole, attach it to the iRig Acoustic Stage pre-amplifier and digital processor, then connect its output to a mixer or acoustic-guitar amplifier.

Users will immediately hear what they've been missing with their traditional live setup as their acoustic tone comes alive with a vibrant, warm, deep and earthy wood tone. For players who currently perform with an acoustic-electric, iRig Acoustic Stage can greatly enhance the guitar's live tone. iRig Acoustic Stage features an AUX input with a blend control that lets players blend their guitar's current pickup system with iRig Acoustic Stage providing even greater tonal flexibility and a fullness to the live sound like never before heard.

MEMS Microphone technology

iRig Acoustic Stage uses an ultra-compact MEMS microphone to capture the acoustic's sound from the guitar's soundhole. It can be quickly slid into place or removed from the soundhole with zero modification to the instrument required. This lets players use iRig Acoustic Stage on all of their acoustics during performance.

Acoustic Preamp/32-bit Digital Processor

The magic of iRig Acoustic Stage comes from the combination of the microphone, the preamp, and its digital signal processing unit. iRig Acoustic Stage analyzes the incoming signal from the guitar—both the overall sound and nuance of the instrument AND the playing technique—and builds the optimum tone profile for the instrument that delivers a warm, round, and balanced acoustic sound. The tone profile can then be enhanced through the use of six selectable tone presets, depending upon the playing situation. iRig Acoustic Stage provides three presets for steel-string instruments (natural, warm, bright) and the same three optimized for nylon-string instruments.

Cancel Feedback

Playing an acoustic onstage in a live setting will almost always generate some type of acoustic feedback or-hard-to-control resonances. iRig Acoustic Stage features a built-in digital feedback suppression algorithm—a handy easy-access feature on the preamp/DSP unit that quickly eliminates the offending frequencies from the live sound with the press of an oversize button.

AUX input

iRig Acoustic Stage also features an AUX input with a mix knob. This input is designed for use with an acoustic-electric's onboard piezo or magnetic pickup. The AUX input allows players to utilize the piezo pickup system and blend in just the right amount of microphone signal. There's also a phase inversion switch that lets users swap the phase of the microphone or AUX signal to provide the best possible sound from all guitars.

USB Audio Out

iRig Acoustic Stage also features a class-compliant USB audio output making it perfect for direct connection to a computer or a mobile device for plug-and-play recording in any DAW or recording app.

iRig Acoustic Stage is available now from the IK Multimedia online store, and IK retailers worldwide for only $/€99.99 (excl. taxes).

Watch the company's video demo:

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IK Multimedia

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