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J. Rockett Audio Designs Introduces the Animal Overdrive

J. Rockett Audio Designs Introduces the Animal Overdrive

A new take on classic British bark.

Nashville, TN (December 13, 2017) -- J Rockett Audio Designs, unleashes the classic Animal OD into their Tour Series with improvements on the original design.

“We wanted to nail the tone and nuance of a real 1968 plexi," Says Chris Van Tassel, co founder of J Rockett Audio Designs. “We were able to reproduce that classic tone with the midrange bark and grunt of the real deal. All of that bark and grunt can get cleaned up easily with the twist of a volume knob! Plexi tone and feel in an enclosure that is ideal for any size pedalboard.

While sharing many characteristics of the original Animal Overdrive the Animal OD features:

  • Enhanced gain structure to cover all of the original Animal overdrive tones and beyond without the need for the original Animal’s “Snarl Switch”
  • Touch sensitive response from use of the guitar’s volume knob for dynamic playing
  • Top mounted jacks and power input for better pedalboard spacing
  • “Speed Switch” replaceable footswitch for instant no solder, no wire, repairs on the fly.

The Animal OD is available now for $189. Available for online purchase and via select dealers.

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