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Jam Pedals Releases the Double Dreamer

A combo of the company's Tubedreamer and Lucydreamer pedals in a single stomp.

Athens, Greece (October 2, 2019) -- Jam pedals is releasing the Double Dreamer dual overdrive pedal.

Housing Jam pedals’ two single overdrive units the Tubedreamer and Lucydreamer under one roof, the Double Dreamer hosts three unique key features that offer maximum tone variety, practicality and functionality in the smallest footprint possible while remaining 100% handmade just like all of JAM pedals designs.


  • High-gain stage footswitch
  • 3-way-toggle switch that routes the high-gain-stage footswitch to work with either the Tubedreamer, the Lucydreamer or both
  • Internal dip switches that reroute the in and out jacks to work as Send-Returns for each Overdrive side, allowing you to individually engage each side with your switcher, or place them in different points in your signal chain.

*The Double Dreamer features soft-click (relay) switching.

Watch the company's video demo:

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