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Joyo Audio Debuts the Tauren and O.M.B

The wide-ranging overdrive can reportedly go from a clean boost to full-on distortion, while the other aspires to be a band in a box by pairing a looper and a drum machine.

Shenzhen, China (December 14, 2018) -- Joyo Audio has introduced the new R series pedal line, designed to offer guitarists premium tone with affordable price. The Tauren is one of the overdrive pedals among the R series.

The Tauren delivers the nuances of music precisely, with a wide range of high-gain, the tonal possibilities range from a clean boost to distortion by adjusting the gain knob. Besides, both low gain and high gain are delivered vividly. You can enjoy the dynamic overdrive this pedal gives you, also you can use it as a clean boost to warm up your guitar signal.


  • Volume, Gain, Tone control knobs
  • Ambience LED light on the front and rear side
  • With toggle controls 3 LED light modes (SYNC/ALWAYS/OFF)

The Tauren will be available from official Joyo dealers and distributors worldwide at an expected retail price of $54.99.

Watch the company's video demo:

Adding to the company's new R Series line of guitar pedals, JOYO Audio has released the O.M.B. With this versatile pedal, you can become one-man band without any other band members and jam different genres of music on your own.

O.M.B is a pedal features LOOPER cycle recording mode, independent drum machine mode, and LOOPER +drum mode. The LOOPER mode has auto-align function and Count-In function, 40 minutes cycle recording time, overdub unlimitedly. In drum machine mode, you can choose 7 genres of drum pattern and 7 drumbeats, the speed of drum patterns can be set up by TAP TEMPO button. What’s more, O.M.B enables you to add fills, outro fill can be added at the end of each drum pattern, so just try your One Man Band to your heart’s content.


  • 3 different modes: Drum only, Looper only, Drum and Looper
  • Different genres of drum pattern: Metal, Blues, Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Funk
  • Overdub unlimitedly
  • Controllers: Looper, Drum, GENRE selector, BAR selector, Mode switch, TAP control knob
  • Ambience LED light on the front and rear sides
  • With toggle controls 3 LED light modes (SYNC/ALWAYS/OFF)

The O.M.B carries street prices of $109.99 each, they’re available at global JOYO dealers.

Watch the company's video demo:

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