A 20-watt lunchbox amp that features Bluetooth connectivity.

Shenzhen, China (June 25, 2019) -- Joyo Audio launches Bantamp Firebrand. Another lunch box amp head with modem distortion tone.

The amp operates with a single 12AX7 tube in the preamp and uses a solid state power amp. People are amazed by how functional it is: FX loop, Bluetooth, Headphone output and Aux in. It can be used with any 8-16 Ohm speaker cabinet, but be careful, the amp is small and loud! Its 20 watts can be quite a handful. If you want to practice quietly, use the built in headphone out with speaker emulation.

The icing on the cake is the Bluetooth connectivity. Easily connect with your Bluetooth enabled device and play music through the Bantamp. This is great to practice with PlayAlongs or to learn songs.


  • Carry with one hand.
  • Preamp circuit: JFET+ 1 x 12AX7.
  • Power amp: CLASS D.
  • 2 Channels.
  • Bluetooth and Aux in.

The GEM BOX III carries street price of $169 each, and it’s available at global JOYO dealers.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
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