Lace Music Products Debuts D3 Pickup Series in Honor of Don Lace III

A new series of metal-focused pickups named in tribute to the late Donnie Lace III.

Cypress, CA (June 13, 2019) -- Lace Music Products is introducing a new line of pickups named the D3 Series. These humbucker pickups are the best metal tone ever offered by Lace in three specific and distinct tones.

The new D3 Series models are dedicated to Donnie Lace III, the son of Don Lace Jr. and nephew of Jeff Lace. Donnie Lace III was the heir apparent, who passed in November 2018. He was the Special Projects Manager at Lace.

Distinct in tone and metal category, the D3 Series represents the spirit and conviction of Donnie Lace III, a diehard metal fan who frequently interfaced with Lace Metal artists either in a concert venue or one-on-one. These are his vision of great metal humbuckers and are now proudly offered by Lace in his honor. Each model incorporates the letter “D” with the numeral “3” to emulate the tattoo proudly worn by Donnie, as the 3rd generation at Lace Music. Lace is a 40-year old family owned business, originating from the garage of Don Lace Sr. in 1979.

The “D3 Series” humbuckers are available in three different tones. The models are “The Sabretooth”, “D’ Agitator” and “The Designators.” The line is pure metal, with splitting capability and without any loss of output or tone. Lace Sensor patented technology is used in these models. All are passive in design, eliminating the need for batteries or circuit boards. Lace Sensor humbuckers were recently featured on the TV show “How Its Made”.

The humbuckers are available in chrome, gold, and black “microphone” finish. “The Sabretooth” model features a Sabretooth tiger, D’ Agitators feature a “Molotov cocktail” and “The Disintegrators” bear a Ray gun. All three incorporate the D3 logo within the design.

A portion of all proceeds from the sales of the “D3 Series” for guitarists and guitar manufacturers, will go to the newly formed “Solace For Hope” organization, co-founded by Don and Jeff Lace. Solace is a grief support and educational nonprofit (501)(3)(c) for those who have been affected by the terrible opioid and drug crisis that is killing on average, 140 people every day in the U.S.

“Words cannot describe the loss of my son.” stated Don Lace, Jr. “Drug and alcohol addiction is not selective in its demographics, but we hear about it a lot within the music industry. ‘Solace For Hope’ is an entirely different kind of support program, addressing families who not only have lost a loved one like Donnie III, but also those who are actively in addiction recovery. I truly feel that with this format, we can actually save a life.”

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